Many Thanks to 21 Acres

Many thanks to 21 Acres in Woodinville because now my locally grown and chemical-free bouquets will be available at 21 Acres on Fridays and Saturdays through the summer!  Until I run out of flowers or the weather changes — whichever happens first.  That is the slow flower philosophy at work.  I have shopped at 21 Acres since it opened and love the produce and baked goods.  The 21 Acres Center for Local Food & Sustainable Living is a leader in sustainable and regenerative practices, serving as a living laboratory center for conscious consumers who want to learn new, more sustainable ways of living.

The bouquets will have a mix of summer annuals, perennials and herbs such as garden roses, zinnias, dahlias, hydrangea, lavender, astilbe, oregano, hardy fuchsia, lemon balm etc. There will be some monochromatic and some mixed color bouquets and whatever is in bloom will dictate what’s in them.  Most will be from my own chemical-free, no pesticide garden or from Woodinville flower farmers who are either certified organic or grow using sustainable, chemical free practice.  The bouquets will be in canning jars that are reusable and you are welcome to return them to the market for reuse.  Many thanks for the beautiful photographs Jamie Eppenauer of Picket Fence Art Studio

Jamie is an accomplished artist and  art teacher in Woodinville – you can commission a painting or buy one of her photographs.  She does amazing nature photography and travels the world to get inspired by nature.  Check out her site.  She is so kind to take photos of my bouquets usually at my last minute request and always delivers beautiful photos.  I am grateful to both Liesl at 21 Acres for testing my bouquets at the market this summer and to Jamie for her great photography!  Pick up some flower power at 21 Acres on Friday and Saturdays this summer!